At Baggett Claim Service, we are prepared to assist your company with your claim needs, regardless of the nature, complexity or type of loss involved. In many cases, we are called upon to conduct limited investigations and special service assignments for Property, Casualty and Automobile losses. On occasion, our adjusters have traveled outside of our coverage territory and even out of state on some claims to assist our customers specific needs. When you have an involved claim or difficult case that requires special handling, call BCS for more details on how we can assist with your case!

Some of the generalized special services that we provide include:


  Arson and Fraud Investigations Management
  Litigation Management
  Surveillance investigations
  Wide variety of Computerized on-line database searches (for all lines)
  A wide variety of "Locate Persons" services requests
  Activity checks and neighborhood canvasses
  Previous Claims History investigations
  Attend Arbitration / Mediations as the insurance company representative
  Provide "Umpire" services in property arbitration cases
  Provide "Claims Expert" services in litigation cases
  Experts and Engineering Management Services
  Claims Referral Services
  Cause and Origin Investigations Management
  Insurance Policy Coverage Disputes
  Experts in the handling of virtually any Computer and electronic media related loss