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This site is linked with other sites that will help you locate people, get in touch with other claims professionals and to research claims related information. As a claims professional, you know how this job calls for you to have a knowledge of so many different subjects. And, hopefully, these sites will help you uncover some of this information you have a need for.

At Baggett Claim Service, Inc. you will find that every adjuster takes a proactive stance to claims handling. We work hard to maintain a friendly, helpful manner with each individual while handling their claim. All phone calls are returned in a timely manner and we actively work with the insured / claimant to obtain all the data necessary to conclude the claim. It is important that the insured or claimant knows that their situation is being attended to in a manner directed by the policy. As the saying goes, ‘the only good claim is a closed claim’.

Today most insurance companies are trying to cut back on the claims handling fees. We believe we can help by identifying any coverage issues that might arise. In a lot of cases, coverage is straight forward and payment recommended. However, knowing the going unit price on property items or the going rate on doctor bills can help reduce the cost of some payments. Being able to decipher what is accident related or incident related can also help to save.

Claims handling is a profession that we take pride in and it shows to you, our customer. We try to be the best and give the service that you, the insurance carrier and your policyholder are entitled to. Our name says it all – we are a family owned business and our pride shows in our family name. Also, our name indicates our dedication to you by the name ‘service’. Family name + service = Baggett Claim Service, Inc.!