Throughout the course of our business endeavors, we have compiled a number of useful resources that are available on the Internet. From checking prices on many items, to reading the latest news from the Texas Insurance Department, we hope that you may find some of these links useful and beneficial to your needs!

  San Antonio information          
    My San General all purpose site about the San Antonio, Texas area Another good link to . . ."all things Antonio!" A standard favorite of San Antonians
  State of Texas Information          
    Texas Dept of Insurance The State of Texas' Department of Insurance web site
    Texas Online Government site to the entire State of Texas and most departments
    TRAIL Texas Records and Information Locator - A great Texas resource!
    BBB The Better Business Bureau
  Search Engines / Portals      The "defacto standard" in search engines — it doesn't get any better than this!
    Alta-Vista Good, all-purpose search engine - one the original pioneers in searching on the Internet
    Excite Perennial favorite of the original search engines
    InfoSeek Newly acquired by ABC / Walt Disney, a good overall search portal
    BigFoot Decent Search engine and people locator
    Lycos One of the original favorites and still going strong!
    Overture Recently acquired search engine, previously known as "webcrawler" Look that word up on-line. . .
    ReferenceDesk Great, all-purpose, all-emcompassing desk reference source for "looking that fact up"
  Search Engines - Find People          
    Yahoo People Finder All the following links in this category help you to find people and businesses on-line
    Yellow Pages  
  Portals and Claims Organization's          
    Ultimate Insurance Links Great, all-emcompassing, site of links-to-links of insurance related sites.
    Alliance of American Insurer's Since 1922, a national association of property/casualty insurers
    American Arbitration Asso. Great resource for anything related to the claims arbitration process
    Claims-Portal Excellent on-line resource for a wide-variety of insurance related services
    NAIIA National Association of Independent Insurance Adjuster's
    TIIAA Texas Independent Insurance Adjuster's Association
    InsuranceNewsNet Current and relevant news source for insurance interests
    AM-BEST The insurance ratings king
    Insurance Journal Exhaustive on-line insurance journal covering a wide area of issues
    Claims Magazine Another fine on-line source of insurance related issues
    National Underwriter A perennial standard in the insurance industry
    ClaimRep Good, all-around insurance claims portal
  Weather Related Sites          
    Intellicast The best and largest on-line weather site on the planet, bar none!
    AccuWeather Great resource for current weather data around the world
    Weather Channel - the original!
    NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    NOAA Research Site National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Research site and records archive
    NSSL National Severe Storms Laboratory
    HurricaneTrack When hurricane threaten, check it out here
    UM Weather THE original Weather Underground site -- from the University of Michigan -- Excellent Resource
    WeatherClaims A good resource for researching historical data across the United States
    FEMA Federal Emergency Management Administration
  Other General Property Links          
    Construction Glossary Good glossary of construction terms and definitions
    Construction Terms Exhaustive on-line reference to construction terms
    Craftsman Book Links Excellent resource to the full line of Craftsman books, tailored to the insurance industry
    Marshall & Swift The defacto-standard in valuation services
    IntegriClaim Estimator The BEST Property Estimating Program around. . .
    Exactimate Estimator Property Estimating Program
    DMA Housing Nationwide Temporary Housing Web Site
    Klein&Company Nationwide Temporary Housing Web Site
  Property Price Searches
    Google Catalogs just keeps getting bigger and better by the day. . .
    CircuitCity Additional resource for checking out prices for home electronics, computers, appliances
    Sears Great site for looking those prices up on-line Geared mostly towards computers, electronics, furniture and appliances
  General Casualty Information          
    NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    Skid-Mark Estimator Good tool for determining approximate speed of vehicle based on skid-marks and various road conditions Find information regarding thousands of attorneys and law firms
    Attorney Pages Another exhaustive search engine for attorney's
    Glossary of Medical Terms Quickly look up common medical terms and conditions
    Merck On-line resource to the original Merck Manuals
    RX lists Look up various prescriptions to find out if they are related to the injury!
    MedlinePlus Great, well-rounded site for prescription info, injuries and other medical information
    Drug InfoNet Another site for looking prescriptions up on-line to ensure that they are accident related
    SafeRoads Excellent resource for checking out highway safety laws in your state Fee-Based access to most public records available throughout the United States
AUTO LINKS          
  General Auto Links      Buy, sell, trade, price out the vehicle are you looking for! The on-line version of the perennial favorite to buying and selling used cars
    Driver's Seat The world's largest online inventory of new cars & trucks
    US Auto News Excellent resource of auto-related news - FREE sign-up required!
    CCC An old standard, with a great Internet presence
    Get Auto Find new and used cars on-line
    ADP Claims Online The "defacto-standard" in auto estimating programs including PenPro and other tools